Umee Faucet

You can drip from the faucet and get 0.1umee token for free

Faucet FAQ

  • How to request tokens?

    Enter your "umee1" address in the form field above and click the "Request" button. After that, you will receive a window indicating whether the transaction was successful or not. Please use faucet only if you really need these tokens

  • How often can I request tokens?

    You can receive 0.1umee token once a week

  • An error occurs when requesting tokens, what's the matter?

    The error may indicate that you have exhausted your weekly limit or the tokens have run out on the faucet wallet. Wait a bit and then try again or contact me (contact details are listed below)

  • Bulgakov#4010

  • @anyvalid


  • @BulgakovVlad
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